Lens boards for the Graflex Speed Graphic

One of the most versatile large format cameras

Graflex Speed Grafic

Graflex Speed Graphic

Graflex cameras have been produced in New York since the 1930s and are particularly popular with press photographers as a speed version. The Speed Graphic was produced as a large format camera for the very popular 4×5 “sheet film format and these versatile cameras were produced for the 2×3” film format. The special thing about the Speed Graphic is certainly the rear cloth closure, which is unusual for large formats and which also allows fast exposure times of up to 1 / 1000s.

The rear cloth fastener gives photographers who like to experiment the opportunity to take photos with large format lenses that do not have their own fastener. The wonderful optics from the projector sector are very popular.

In order to give free rein to creativity, we have designed lens boards for our own needs to use our favorite lenses.


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