135fp XPan Mask 120 SP3000 Fuji

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135p XPan mask for the legendary SP3000 laboratory scanner for use in connection with scans in the popular panorama format of the unique Hasselblad xPan (65 x 24mm).

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The 135p mask is used in conjunction with the corresponding diffuser 120 (mirror box) and the manual carrier MFC10AY for scanning medium format negatives and unframed slides. Unfortunately, these masks are no longer available in the original and new. Used copies are rarely offered and are often sold at overpriced prices.

Our new development of the 135p mask for the legendary SP3000 laboratory scanner from Fuji enables you to scan your XPan negatives or slides in the 65mm x 24mm format.
The mask consists of two interconnected parts and, thanks to magnetic contact points, rests well on the negative carrier MFC10AY.
Our mask is a completely plastic mask that has been assembled by hand.

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Weight 05 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm